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Vasectomy is a very satisfactory method of birth control for those who do not want to have more children. It is simple, effective, safe and inexpensive. The major potential drawback is that it should be regarded as permanent: only 50-60% can be successfully reversed with a second operation.

Several points should be clearly understood about the procedure. To understand how it works, knowledge of the anatomy and function of the testicles and prostate is necessary.

The sperm cells originate in the testicles, are collected in the epididymis, are transported through the vas deferens and are stored near the prostate gland. The prostate is a gland which makes prostatic fluid, which is the vehicle for the sperm cells. The prostatic fluid comprises 95% of the fluid of ejaculation. The sperm contribute only 5% of the volume or about 1 or 2 drops per day. If the vas deferens is cut and tied, the sperm cells accumulate in the epididymis, die and are absorbed by the body. The volume of the fluid from the penis at the time of ejaculation remains nearly the same.

The mechanisms for erection, ejaculation, and sexual sensation center about the penis and prostate and are not interfered with by vasectomy.

The testicles also make sex hormones. The hormone level stays the same after vasectomy. Therefore, there is nothing demasculinizing or castrating about vasectomy and nothing that decreases sexual desire.

Vasectomy is not effective until the sperm in the vas deferens is beyond the place where it was cut have emptied out. This takes about six weeks in most patients. Another form of birth control must be used until a zero sperm count is confirmed on analysis of ejaculate.

Very few complications have been encountered with the procedure. An occasional patient will experience minor swelling or infection, either of which can usually be treated quite simply.

The procedure is performed in the office. Local anesthetic is injected well above the testicle around the vas deferens. The first night and following day involve some pain for a few men and very little for others. Local tenderness decreases during the next week and may be noted occasionally for one month.

A slight chance of the vas deferens growing back together exists. This is a very rare event however and happens in less than 1% of men.

If you are considering a vasectomy, North Idaho Urology is committed to providing the best in vasectomy care. Our board certified urologists use innovative techniques to make your vasectomy appointment convenient and comfortable.

We offer vasectomies Monday-Friday in our Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint offices. Please call us at 208-667-0621 to learn more.  

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